Search engine optimization (SEO)

Positioning in search engines and SEO optimization for search engines (SEO stands for its acronym in English, Search Engine Optimization) is a process in which one goes about improving the position of your website in organic search results, for search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. With better positioning in the search engines, your website will get more traffic from search engines, thus the amount of visitors who come to your website will increase and so do chances that you can increase your business.

To achieve this objective in a natural way it is necessary to optimize each web page according to the desired terms. Several enhancements of your web site need to be made: keywords or keywords, description, title, map of site or sitemap, link or url and images.

Costa Rica Virtual includes an initial positioning service for search engine optimization in the design of each of our client’s web sites. We also offer website optimization within the plan of "Web support" as part of the maintenance of your web site. This procedure requires constant adjustments and updates, and ongoing research and analytics to achieve the best possible position. Since search engines regularly modify internal algorithms, it is not possible to guarantee top 10 positions for all search strings at all times or immediately, but our goal is to place your web site in the first 20 results on a continuous basis.

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