Web Site Maintenance

After some time, the original content of a web site may get old or become stale and needs to be refreshed. That is why we recommend constant monitoring of your web site to keep it up to date and appealing to site visitors – to keep your visitors interested in your services and products.

Adding new sections, products, promotions, events, among others, are a few options that you can use to enhance the image of your company and enhance the positioning at search engines.

This is why Costa Rica Virtual offers a "Web support" plan, which consists of a monthly maintenance of your web site. It allows you to renew content frequently and avoids high investments to redesign your web site when it gets out of fashion. With the "Web support" plan we are committed to your company as a partner, and are using our resources and knowledge to carry out the work in which we are specialists while you can spend your time to focus on your business.

How does "Web support" work?

We coordinate the work personally with an advisor in accordance to the objectives and budget of your business. Throughout the year we plan the use of activities and resources. Month to month we deliver a report of the work carried out, including pending tasks and our recommendations.

Services available for "Web support"

Some of the services which we promote include:

  • Positioning in search engines (SEO)
  • Content updates
  • Graphic design
  • Management of social networks
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising in online media
  • Monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Drafting and translation of contents
  • Management of ecommerce sites

Request for Proposal

We strive to satisfy and exceed our client’s needs and expectations in order to guarantee an excellent return on your investment.