Web Application Development

Today the use of the Internet is not only centered on web sites, but also on the development and integration of web based applications and systems. With globalization and the advancement of technology over the last years, including enhanced accessibility and faster speed, companies more and more decide to address their needs through web applications.

At Costa Rica Virtual we have a combined 12 years of experience in designing Internet applications and systems including customization of various web tools, and covering the requirements of companies. We develop web applications in accordance with the goals and budget of each company, which are then accessible from anywhere in the world.

We use the best next-generation tools available on the market, giving priority to "open source solutions" that meet the required quality and can be integrated into the development process of many other web applications. Among them we would like to mention jQuery Framework, PHP Framework, MySql, HTML, CSS, Javascript among others.

We are in best disposition to work with your project idea, review its objectives, and share our opinion and recommendations, so your company can get the web application that best suits your needs.

Request for Proposal

We strive to satisfy and exceed our client’s needs and expectations in order to guarantee an excellent return on your investment.