What does SEO stand for?
The positioning of your web pages, commonly referred to as SEO (acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization), is a process to improve the positioning of each of your web pages in the search results on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines. In other words, is to get better positions in search engines results.

What are the benefits of SEO?
With better positioning in the search engines, your website will get more traffic from search engines, thus the amount of visitors who come to your website will increase and so do chances that you can increase your business. For example, if you have an online store that sells pet products, it's great that when people search in Google "pet store", your website appears in the top 10 results. But if your website is not properly optimized, you can appear in position 30, or even lower. The chance of receiving visitors on page 3 or 4 or more of Google results decreases.

How to improve SEO?
To achieve this objective in a natural way it is necessary to optimize each web page according to the desired terms. We start with the most important thing of all, which is good content, focused on the specific topic of that page. The visitor likes a text that is clear enough and easy to understand. It does not have to be very extensive. That same text must be compelling for search engines. That's where other elements come in like the title, keywords, description, links and images.

Conclusions about SEO
All these processes require constant adjustments, market research and strategy development to achieve the best possible position. Additionally, search engines periodically modify internal algorithms, which can change the list of results. Costa Rica Virtual includes an initial SEO service for every web page design to our customers. We also offer SEO website optimization within the plan of "Web support" as part of the maintenance of your web site. Our goal is to place your website in the first 20 results on a continuous basis. Let us know the details of your web project, contact us!