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The positioning of your web pages, commonly referred to as SEO (acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization), is a process to improve the positioning of each of your web pages in the search results on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines. Better positions in search engines help enormously to increase the visits of potential clients which then lead to increased sales for your business.

We optimize the content of each of your pages organically and for each web page including the appropriate search terms. Various adjustments are constantly required to keep the website current and well positioned.

At Costa Rica Virtual we include basic SEO in all web pages we create for our clients. Ask about our web positioning service as part of our web support plan. The process to position a web page requires adequate analysis, constant updates and adjustments to achieve the best possible positioning. Search engines update their internal algorithms regularly. It is not possible to guarantee to be in first place all the time for each search term. We propose that each optimized page be placed in the first 15 positions, and that they do not disappear from the first 20.

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